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For my work it is essential to publish.

Balavidya, my method, is based on the research that I keep studying daily during my lessons: it is therefore susceptible to ongoing changes, adjustments, refinements.
For this I co-work with Yoga Journal Italy, sporadically from 2005 and continuously from 2010. It is my preferred tool because let me to communicate my descoveries, in summary form and in editorial times much more agile than those required by a book.
Since 2011 I'm been creating and treating the monthly column "Yoga school" for teachers and advanced students.

Also some others Italian wellness magazines, as "Healthy & Beautiful Life" and not sectoral as "People" "All Milan" and "Velvet"  wrote about Balavidya.

In this section you can find the jpg of my articles or written by others on Balavidya. You can require an English version by writing to