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Balavidya is a practice so far known and appreciated by the few people who has direct experience. But it is very easy to learn and gives advances so fast that I think will soon have a much broader dissemination. For this it would be necessary for me to finish a few projects, I'm already thinking for years, but that for reasons of time and logistical support, have not yet realized.

The Comprehensive Text of Balavidya

Balavidya is a practice based on the understanding of the body's internal principles. Writing is not just a matter of disclosure, but also understanding and further development. It progresses much more quickly if focuses what you should get. It's more important to understand that practice. And have a written text to be consulted and drawings representing the exercises greatly facilitates re-education. It's always been my biggest concern systematically dissecting the Balavidya method in a single text. But it will be the last stage. A search is constantly changing and there goes everything becomes clear. It would be unwise not to wait to have entered into the system before you start posting. For the moment, I am limited to articles or small publications. But sooner or later I'll have to rewrite everything, a comprehensive and unique book. For now, or do I lecture and go forward with the development of Balavidya, or I stop a couple of years and I write. But the time comes to do so. And I don't think it will be so far away.

Vocational School

Balavidya has excellent possibilities to train Yoga teachers and actors. For one year (2004) I worked with a group of young actors on stage techniques (body, voice and movement) and I led them to build neutrality, character and actions on mutation of posture, breath and voice. The results were excellent, as well as in previous attempts, with less effort. The school that I want to found and direct demands both Balavidya and Yoga instructors that by three and a half hours of attendance every weekday, for three years. A reasonable time to give a serious training, but allowing the other half a day to find a part-time job to keep. The problem is the cost. We need to find a grant that will allow sustainable rate to charge students. So far bodies concerned have asked me to shorten the life to that of all other schools of Yoga, i.e. one weekend per month for a number of years ranging from one to four. Balavidya is too complex, cannot be taught in less than what you ask.

Periodical Booklets

My work is also to be disclosed to monographs. Beyond the comprehensive text, is also interesting material that comes from my lectures. Facing a theme each quarter, mainly a position, which analyse with my students, through sequences, breaths and sensory training, that I create to facilitate and deepen your practice. I am preparing a pantry, revolt and usable by all, for every subject matter. And also to obtain as many publications from my monothematic seminars.

For the moment is only available:
"Deep Muscles of the Legs"
graphic design by Arianna Terruzzin.

In preparation for release in September 2012

"Deep Muscles of the Legs ii"
"Active Functions of Eye and Sight"
"The Head, the Counterweight of the Body"
"Cosmetic Balavidya: shape through Re-education-chest"
"Balavidya: the mobility of the cat on the human body"
"False Masters' Yoga - a surviving kit for beginners and serious students"

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