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How To Contact Me:

In the academic year 2012/13, I'll lead my permanent activities in the following structures:

The Aesthetics of the Thistle, Holistic Research Center and Circolo Arci
Via Alessi, 5 20123 Milan, Lombardy, Italy

Balavidya Ashram
Via Piero Preda 2, 20141 Milan, Lombardy, Italy

Ayurvedic Centre and Alternative Medicine Hospital Yes
Via Giuseppe Colombo, 81/a Milan, Lombardy, Italy

My personal contact details are: +390289511721 +393473898467 +393331907346

You can contact me on weekdays, although you will find often the answering machine on because I'm in class. Don't be discouraged: try again, text me, write me on my FB profile or via email:

For Knowing my Method

You can ask for written material by email, although for the most part has not been translated. Usually does not grant interviews to explain my method. It's because I have lots of demands and couldn't meet everyone, and because Balavidya is a practice, not a theory, and I don't believe too much in words. Maybe because I'm not good at talking. But also because experience has taught me that people very clever to describe themselves, they aren't really as clever in doing, teaching and practicing.

The only serious way to know my work is to try a treatment, attend a lecture or enroll in a seminar. Do not introduce yourself without taking appointment because most likely I would already committed.

The intercom via Alessi, 5 doesn't work. If you arrange an appointment and find the door closed, knock at the window, make a call to 347/3898467 or wait and someone will open.