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Balavidya, Grammar of the Body

We learn our own native tongue by imitating our parents, thus by intuitive means. At school, we learn language all over again thanks to grammar and spelling If we didn’t study language, we would speak it fluently but never learn to write or master it. Intuitive methods also guide how we learn to walk, breathe and move as adults; indeed, each of us carries out these activities with errors. Our school systems do not teach basic principles of body movement and bad habits related to posture and mobility settle in without ever being analyzed or corrected. Anti-ergonomic behavior in breathing and joint use is not part of our natural organic process. It results from cursory education since modern culture does not ascribe value to our bodies. Over time, the poor mechanical functioning of our bodies causes physical injury and inhibits our motor skills, vision and voice. This is why I created Balavidya. This method of rehabilitation involves the practice of very simple exercises that identify and eliminate blockage in our breathing, joint use and vocal capabilities. 
Balavidya is a survey method which started for personal needs and developed in the wellness field over fifteen years of experience. Educational level, I move mainly on three areas; the artistic performance (theatre, dancing and singing); the personal growth (Hatha Yoga) and rehabilitation, with people with joint problems and psychological.
Why Weight?

Because the way in which we handle the weight of the various parts of our body reveals how we react to different situations, and contractions with breathing blocks which we translate the excitement in our bodies and our conception of the world. It's as if everything you write in our flesh.
People who experienceed Balavidya are able to reconstruct the life and history of a person just by looking at her body. All experiences are transcribed organically with excessive external developments of muscles, tension, deformation joints, PTOSIS of internal organs; even in the form of small everyday illnesses. This inscription on the body is a manifestation of our inner life outside and analyzed at several levels. The first is that base or Postural and respiratory and relates how everyone keeps the body in a standing position, sitting position, such as breathing and how it reacts to external aggression. It is our relationship with the Gravity and movement in space.
Above this level, you overwrite the history our individual. Trauma, physical and emotional injuries, wear and tear from settle and create further development, adaptation and pains. Finally overlaps the plane of emotion which, like the first two, according to the language of the contraction-relaxation.
Tension is a force that turns against him, rather than outwards. The rest, however, is the ability to act in de-contraction, i.e. in the absence of stress. The only way to gain strength without effort is to oppose an equal and opposite force to win and fight with traction-ready to take over.
Our body translates any action with a con-traction. For action, means any change from status "0", which is the body in a neutral position: or erect, with arms and feet parallel (in Yoga they say in Tadasana) or lying on the floor, with your arms by your sides (Savasana). Any variation of these two positions is an action or movement. As well as issuing a sound, looking at an object, hear, feel, taste, smell and thinking. In Western culture is not imported as what is stopped, Be, downtown, as the Act that moves. When we talk about we tend to say what we do, not who we are. Our identity is our business. The term "alienation", indicates a transfer of energy (essence) that disperses outside the human being belongs to, rather than staying inside him and give him strength. Is assimilated to sickness, discomfort and loss of direction. If you look at a body brought from Balavidya you can see clearly the State of alienation to which it is subjected. Balavidya is a re-education against alienation. teaches not to act, to keep, not to oppose gravity, but to rely on it, to realize that strength is the ability to drop the weight, rather than hard labor to support it. Our bones and joints are beams, natural arches, pillars and assembled according to a flexible system, ready to move by rejecting the land. Only "doing nothing" you get the best ergonomics. The body has its strength in itself, for the Constitution. We just have to be aware of everything and feel the weight of the bones is the only chance to regain consciousness to various parts of the body and release them. Once you feel the weight, he regains consciousness of its structure. The greater the ability not to intervene on the structure, the greater the strength. Weight and strength then coincide. Balavidya, teaches and trains to move and live in relaxation and allows you to recover and increase strength.

In the gallery below, you can see an example of this process.